Utility Poles

  1. Timber base in south Georgia and north Florida.

    Specialize in distribution sizes.

    Slash and longleaf pine – some of the densest and strongest material available on market.

    Treated with chromated copper arsenate (CCA).

  2. Large inventories and broad Company owned land base insures availability in times of shortage or disaster.

    QC programs encompass every employee and processes from tree selection to customer delivery.

    Numerous inspection alternatives available, including:

    • In house/plant inspection by experienced/certified Langdale inspectors.
    • Wood Quality Control (WQC) inspection
    • Independent inspection

  3. Delivery options include:

    • Self-unloading boom truck
    • Rail

    Valdosta, Georgia facility services:

    • Southeastern states
    • Atlantic ports
    • Gulf ports

    Sweetwater, Tennessee facility services:

    • Northeast
    • Mid-Atlantic
    • Midwest and beyond