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Langdale Forest Products Co. (LFP) is one of approximately two dozen companies under The Langdale Company's corporate umbrella. We were the solid wood manufacturing arm of The Langdale Company prior to 1985, when we were incorporated as a separately entity. LFP has earned and maintained the reputation of being an industry innovator and for supplying quality forest products that are coupled with exceptional customer service. Although a portion of our business was devoted to preserved wood products manufacturing for over 70 years, our primary focus is now in producing southern yellow pine dimensional lumber. Our corporate motto, Quality & Service Since 1894, is a high bar that we strive to achieve every day.

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The company was founded in 1894 on the edge of the Okefenokee Swamp. Its origins were in the gum naval stores industry, which continued into the 1970's. Today we remain a family owned company, currently in the fifth generation of operations. We have evolved from turpentine camps spread over South Georgia and North Florida to a 180 acre, state-of-the-art centralized manufacturing facility in Valdosta, Ga.

One of our distinct advantages in the marketplace is a timberland base. Over the course of a 125+ year history, our owners have aggressively pursued timberland acquisition to support our raw material requirements. Forecasts indicate that timberland acreage across the U.S. and worldwide will shrink in the coming years. Our land base is a daily advantage, has been of ultimate importance during times of market shortages and/or disaster and will become increasingly important in the future. Combined with direct support from other Langdale owned, industry related affiliates, we are positioned to offer our customers unique supply and service options that are unparalleled in our industry.

The theme of “We Are Family” is inherent in how we operate and everything we do. Company owners are intimately involved in all of our operations and remain involved with our employees. Competitive wages are combined with a progressive benefit package that includes 401K matching and an innovative wellness program that has become a statewide and regional benchmark. Employment opportunities range from basic skills entry level positions to multi-disciplined, skilled professionals. Our corporate culture and responsibilities are based on mutual respect, a moral code, stewardship of our resources, and more that are defined in our Corporate Compliance Policy.